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2 years ago

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Mistress ordered me to kneel at his feet and slowly went to the tips of his shiny black patent watchersweb leather boots, heels, and then watchersweb the calves and thighs. I pressed my lips to the edge of the boat and the tops of the stockings. Mistress purred satisfied. She grabbed my head and took his " Clitty " which is free from her panties. My cock was throbbing cock and slide, pushing my mouth on her, holding my head and took me from time to time, deeper and deeper in the throat all the time. I sucked and licked lover please. It tasted so good... Lady back her head and sat on his heels. I approached the bed, which to me by my watchersweb collar and leash. I was tied to the bed, securing my hands behind my watchersweb back and my legs, ankles, one on each corner. Lady came to say, my head and removing her panties, stuffing them into my mouth. Then he turned behind me and started to apply watchersweb the lubricant into the anus and pushed with a finger in and out, gently, untilcould put two fingers. I moaned into the gag with the mixed feelings of pleasure and discomfort, which coms from the natural feeling of something inside of me. Lover of fun. She began looking for my prostate, and if they found it was the incredible feeling. I wanted to pee and cum at the same time. She massages her and tried to watchersweb get a few drops of semen from me. I was not sure I cum or pee myself, but she wiped the end of my cock with her fingers back and forth across the front of me and actually removing the gag, I lick and suck their fingers. She put her panties back into my mouth and went behind me. This time I feel the head could Clitty sprayed a load of lubricant into the anus. They took the time to enter and then press for a long time. The feeling was again a mixture of anxiety and pleasure submissive. came slowly back and forth, each time going deeper, until he finally took her everywhere. I was glad he loves serving sensually and I could hear that she was amused. When he heard, he took me and watchersweb led me to the bathroom. She pushed my head into the toilet and place the heel of his boot on the neck, told me to shut up. After a few moments, I watchersweb felt the warm golden nectar flow cascading down the back of the head and neck. All around my face and dripped into the bowl. Lover of urinating in his boat stopped and pushed my head into the cup. My face is immersed in the liquid briefly before he pulled the head with a belt. When my head was in his other hand Clitty and told me to open my mouth. When I did, she laid her head on the tail and urinate more. I swallowed all I could, but its flow was strong and that came from my mouth and face down on the chest. When she heard, she gave me a towel and told me to dry. She said it was leaking urine at home, but I could not wash the smell of drying me wOuld let me fragrance. I liked his slave...
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